2017 Bolymedia Scoutguard SG2060-K Camera Review

ScoutGuard SG2060-K/August 10, 2017

Manufacturer model #: SG2060-K.

The SG2060-K is the next Bolymedia camera in line to get tested.  It has a familiar look because its mold is nearly the same as the SG560x models I have tested in the past.  This camera opens like a book with camera in the front and batteries in the back.  It takes 8 AA cells to run this camera.  The exterior is coated in a camo pattern that is unique and labelled “live for elegance”.  There are some cartoon faces in the camo and a bit of pink color as well, oddly enough.  The bottom of the camera includes a threaded insert for mounting and a battery port labelled 6V, while the back provides for camera strap.

The LED array is black in appearance without any break up pattern.  The flash is invisible on this camera.

On the inside, the camera utilizes a 2″ display with a full compliment of buttons.  I was easily able to use the polished menus and configure the camera without reading the manual.  One thing to note on all these Bolymedia cameras is that after you change a setting, you must press the OK button to keep your change.  There is a beep that sounds with each button press but it can be turned off in the settings if this bothers you.  I like it because it reminds me of the old Scoutguard SG550 and its remote.

Most of this years Bolymedia camera offerings have a feature called Game Call.  The setting when turned on, provides a start time and an interval.  The user must place a .WAV file on the SD card.  A WAVE file is a Windows format that is now industry standard for uncompressed audio. An mp3 will not work as far as I know.  The camera will play the sound through its external speaker. In my case I should record myself whistling for the dog because it also brings the deer running.

The menus are easy to understand and I had this camera configured and running without the user guide.

Manufacturers specifications:

This black IR camera captures photos and/or video, day or night, utilizing 60 degrees field of view and 85’ IR flash range, which are invisible to animals.  The camera can be programmed to activate on motion and/or at timed intervals within its 100ft. detection range and captures 20MP photos or 1080p video that can be viewed on the built-in 2” TFT display.  The camera supports up to 64GB SD/SDHC cards, and is resistant against water and snow.

  • 100ft. detection, 85ft. invisible black IR flash range
  • 20MP picture resolution and 1080p HD video with audio
  • Game Call broadcasting
  • Native support for solar and external power options

The MSRP on this camera is around $179.99.

Chasingame Test Results:

Test PerformedResult
Flash RangeA bit grainy in appearance with usable detail out to 50 feet.
Trigger Time without flash1.20s
Trigger Time with flash1.32s
Video Trigger Time2.34s
Photo Recovery Time9.81s
Video Recovery timeavg 7.50s
Day RangeVery good clarity beyond 60 feet even when zoomed. Natural color.
Battery Life3823 Photos (70% with flash) and 202 Video clips over 6 weeks.
Filter ClunkNo
Invisible FlashYes
Motion Blur
Sensing Test60+ feet at 83F degrees

Photo Samples captured in 8MP setting.

Video Samples captured in 1080p setting.

2017 Bolymedia SG2060-K from Chasingame.com on Vimeo.

Progress and Activity
08-10-2017 Update: Unboxed
08-15-2017 Update: Photo samples
08-24-2017 Update: Video samples
09-22-2017 Update: Battery life


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