2017 Covert Red Viper Camera Review

Covert Red Viper/August 13, 2017

Manufacturer model #: UV552-HD.

I recently received a box of cameras from Covert Scouting Cameras.  The first one I pulled out is the Red Viper, touted as a low glow flash camera. In the box was the camera, user guide and a nice strap with metal buckle.  This is a medium sized unit with the hinged book style designed with camera in the front half and batteries in the rear.  It uses 8 AA cells. This is a medium sized camera with a nice cam type latch the runs the entire side providing a good solid seal when you latch it down.  The front exterior of the camera is a nice camo pattern while the rear exterior of the camera is an olive green color.  The LED array cover is clear, revealing the LEDs.  A break up cover would be nice on the array like some manufactures are now offering as it is a bit shiny.  I must say the camo pattern matches the lichen covered oak trees we have here in Georgia.

On the bottom of the camera you will find a threaded insert and a battery port labelled 6V.  On the inside of the unit you will find a small back lit color LCD screen and a set of buttons.  The settings are all very familiar and set up was easy with this camera without having to read the book. On the rear of the unit there is a python slot and strap slots.

I expect this unit to be a solid performer and I will proceed to get some testing done.

Manufacturers specifications:

  • Dimension: 5×4.1×2.3
  • 12 Megapixels
  • 52 Field of view
  • HD Video W/ Audio
  • .7 Second trigger speed
  • 100 foot flash range
  • 8AA batteries
  • 28 Infrared LED’s
  • 1-10 turbo shot burst
  • Maximum Silence Image Capture™
  • Time/Date/Temp/Moon Phase Stamps
  • 1” Color Viewer
  • Pipe Through Security
  • Up to 32GB SD card
  • Reinforced Tripod Mount

The Viper Series cameras are small but packed with all the features you could ask for. These cameras come equipped with a .7 second trigger speed, 12 MP resolution and 720p HD Video with Audio, all while still fitting in the palm of your hand. With the rugged durability of this new design the Viper is guaranteed to impress. The Red Viper has low glow LED’s.

The MSRP on this camera is around $149.99.

Chasingame Test Results:

Test PerformedResult
Flash RangeGrainy, under illuminated. Usable detail out to 50+ feet.
Trigger Time without flash1.00s
Trigger Time with flashon avg 1.00s but sometimes 2.50s strange pattern
Video Trigger Time2.36s
Photo Recovery Timeavg 5.56s
Video Recovery timeavg 5.40s
Day RangeDecent contrast. Red-ish hue. Usable detail beyond 60 feet but grainy when zoomed.
Battery Life4484 Photos, 204 video clips over 5 weeks
Filter ClunkNo
Invisible FlashNo
Motion Blur
Sensing Test55+ feet at 79F degrees

Photo Samples captured in 5MP setting.

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Video Samples captured in HD setting.

2017 Covert Red Viper from Chasingame.com on Vimeo.

Progress and Activity
08-10-2017 Update: Unboxed
08-14-2017 Update: Photo Samples
08-14-2017 Update: Trigger tests, Sensing, flash range
08-18-2017 Update: Photo samples
08-18-2017 Update: Video samples
10-19-2017 Update: Battery Life


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