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The 2015 Scouting Camera Review Schedule
Last UpdateStatusCameraReviewFlashFlash RangeSensingTrigger w/oTrigger withMSRP
2015-05-16CompleteSpartan GoCam GC-ATTiReviewIR Red70+70+1.091.28399.95
2015-05-31CompleteSpartan SR1-BKReviewIR Black6070+1.451.46199.95
2015-07-27CompleteAcorn LTL-6310MReviewIR Black6060+0.901.25
2015-06-07Battery LifeSpartan SR1-IRReviewIR Red70+70+1.041.26169.95
2015-06-20Battery LifeMoultrie A-5ReviewIR Red60381.40s2.34s79.99
2015-06-20Battery LifeMoultrie A-7iReviewIR Black50381.40s2.34s114.99
2015-07-05Battery LifeMoultrie M-550ReviewIR Red60381.34s1.82s134.99
2015-07-05Battery LifeMoultrie M-880ReviewIR Red65380.81s1.25s149.99
2015-07-05Battery LifeMoultrie M-880iReviewIR Black50+350.84s1.26s169.99
2015-07-05Battery LifeMoultrie M-990iReviewIR Black50+350.81s1.23s199.99
2015-08-01In ProgressBushnell Trophy cam Aggressor 119776ReviewIR Black5060+0.20s0.28s229.99
2015-08-01In ProgressPrimos Proof cam 03ReviewIR Black60+60+0.250.25149.99
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