Acorn LTL6310M Wireless Camera Review

Acorn LTL6310M Wireless Camera/April 22, 2015


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  • 5M/12M/2Mega pixel high-quality resolution.
  • Infrared night vision LEDs Low-glow 940nm 59feet/ 18m.
  • Timer setting, programmable to only work in specified period every day.
  • Multiple languages available by changing the country setting in MMS menu or PC software.
  • SD card can be set in “Cycling Save” mode, which automatically deletes the earliest photos or videos and makes room for new ones.
  • Get SMS Text alert when battery power level goes low.
  • 1440 x 1080 / 1280 x 720 / 640×480 H.264/AVC format HD video with audio.
  • Built-in 2.0 inch TFT color screen to review images and videos at the back of the camera.
  • 2G cellular
CategoryScouting Cameras
Model Year2015
Flash TypeIR Red Low Glow
Battery Type12 AA
Test PerformedResult
Flash Range60 feet with noise in the images
Trigger Time without flash0.87s - 0.93s
Trigger Time with flash1.25s
Video Trigger Time2.27s
Day RangeGood contrast. Natural color.
Battery Life550 photos delivered cellular. Another 1212 photos delivered without cellular. 210 video clips taken.
Filter ClunkVery faint twice a day
Invisible FlashYes, even though its called low glow, I dont see it.
Motion BlurAverage.
Sensing Test60+ feet at 80 degrees F

2015 Acorn LTL-6310M from on Vimeo.


These are the 640×480 photos transmitted directly to my email and phone.

This is the new 2G cellular wireless camera offering by Acorn for 2015.  This is the low glow version with the 940nm LEDs.  In 2013 the Acorn cameras migrated away from the two-piece backpack style of enclosure to a single unit which was a definite improvement.  An area that I felt needed improving was the LED array which now supports more LEDs than models of previous years.  We will hope this means improved night vision.

The camera has two doors that open to reveal controls, unlike the camera in the front door style that is the norm.  There is a flap on the bottom to insert SD card, batteries and on/off switch.  On the back is a second flap that opens to reveal the view screen and buttons which appear to have a water proof membrane on them.

Obviously you must remove the camera from its lockbox and/or from the mounted position in order to open the back flap.

The camera runs on 12 AA batteries that are loaded from the base door.  The base “flap” door also has the threaded insert for tripod mount.  This same flap now has a recessed ridge that provides strength against flexing making me feel more comfortable about mounting this camera using the tripod mount. The way the bottom recesses also means that the external battery cable opening is not flush with the bottom in case it is sitting in water in a lockbox during a downpour.  I wonder if this was by design or an accidental feature .

It has the familiar front facing and dual side facing PIR sensors which are controllable in the menu settings.  The side PIR sensors can be turned off.

The camera uses a native 5MP CMOS sensor and interpolates up to 12MP if you so desire.  The video supports both 640x and a 1280x referred to as 720p and also HD.  The camera can record audio while in Video mode.  I did not find an option to turn off audio in the menu settings.

The 2″ screen allows for playback of both photos and video with audio.  For security the camera has a sturdy looking python through hole on the top back side.

As time allows, we will gather range pictures, trigger times, and photo and video samples.


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Progress and Activity
04-22-2015 Update
04-24-2015 Update
04-26-2015 Update
04-28-2015 Update
05-02-2015 Update
05-10-2015 Update
05-12-2015 Update
05-14-2015 Update: MMS now Working
05-16-2015 Update: MMS Photo samples
07-27-2015 Update: Battery Life



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