Cabelas Outfitter White LED Camera Review

Cabelas Outfitter Black IR/July 04, 2013


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  • Full-color day and night video
  • 10MP image resolution
  • 720-pixel HD video resolution
  • White LED
  • 85-ft. detection range
  • One-second trigger speed

CategoryScouting Cameras
Model Year2013
ModelOutfitter White LED
Flash TypeLED White Flash
Battery Type8 x AA
2013 Cabelas Outfitter White Specs
Test PerformedResult
Flash Range30+ feet
Trigger Time without Flash0.98s
Trigger Time with Flash1.04s
Video Trigger Time1.79s
Day RangeGood clarity fairly natural color
Battery Life14,945 images and 106 video clips over 6 months
Filter ClunkNo
Invisible FlashNo
Motion BlurLow
Sensing Test50+ feet at 70 deg F
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The Outfitter LED White Flash camera runs on 8 AA batteries that are inserted in the back of the camera while the camera is in the front door.  The controls and setup menus are all very familiar and did not require reading the manual..  This entry into scouting cameras by Cabelas has also created some buzz on our forum since it is a proprietary design with some innovative features which include LED White Flash.

I believe it is safe to say that this is a Boly Media Corporation design since the info strip and photo meta data indicate this.  The camera thus has a long heritage sprouting from lines of cameras starting with the ScoutGuard.  The camo combined with the textured face and led layout give this camera a unique look and should be able to blend in and hide well.

This camera uses LEDS to produce a full spectrum white flash at night providing color photos and videos at night.  In addition the video mode supports 720p HD video with audio recording.

For security this camera provides a python through hole in the body of the camera that in my opinion is more secure than the type that has a thin flap holding it on top of the camera that we have seen in many manufacturers. Hopefully the 3rd party market will supply lock boxes for this new line of cameras.

Trigger testing and day range are completed and the trigger times are respectable and under 1 second. Video tests show that it also records sound with the video clips.

Please keep in mind that in north Georgia it now rains almost every day.  Finding some clear dry weather is likely to be difficult so take this into account when evaluating the photos.  It is WET here

Progress and Activity
07-13-2013 update
07--14-2013 update
12--08-2013 update
12--24-2013 update



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