Trail Camera Discussion of Manufactured Cameras.
By ktrain72
#111012 With these GPS tracking devices getting smaller and prices of some around $150.00, who will be the first Trail camera company to install these as a way to track down stolen cameras? With alot of cameras being in the 199.00 range and a few models: Reconyx being $400 and up and Buckeye cams being even more. I would be more than willing to pay a little more for this feature when you look at the cost of these lock boxes, add a python cable and lock with shipping and your going to have 50-75 bucks in that. A pair of bolt cutters and a couple days later and a thief that wants it will have it. After losing a C-Capture 212.93w/tax by trespassers during shotgun season and replacing it with trophy cam 212.93w/tax =425.86 . Adding the cost of gps tracking doesnt seem like such a bad deal. And when you already have a good idea who stole your stuff. The gps could seal the deal and hopefully get some of these low lifes arrested for theft and trespassing.
By AR-Tex hunter
#111022 I posted the same question on here a while back. I guess most people don't worry about it. The camera companies don't care either, they just hope you will buy another one if it gets stolen.
In time something will likely be available. The ones you see on the market now would be hard to hide inside a camera and require extra power supply.
By slipslap
#111098 There was an article in GA Outdoors mag last year about a guy trying to catch thieves at his land. He set up some cameras to catch them stealing stands. They took the cameras with the stands. then he rigged his own gps device to a stand and let them steal it as well. He tracked the guys called the authorities and busted them with like 15 deer stands in their backyards and some cameras. So it can be done.
By judger101
#111156 imo i dont think companies will ever build a gps tracking unit for trail cameras for one reason and one reason only. they want your camera to be stolen! why wouldnt they? then you have to go and buy another one, plus i dont think most people would be willing to pay the extra money it would cost for that kind of system.
#111163 I could only imagine GPS tracking devices on the most expensive cameras. Why build in an expensive GPS tracking device to a $70 camera?

Besides, with the GPS tracking that camera wouldn't be $70 anymore!