Trail Camera Discussion of Manufactured Cameras.
By garrettg06
#154367 I live in Iowa which the AT&T service sucks.... I borrowed my buddy's AT&T cellphone and checked all my hunting spots out and at most they had one stinking bar.... Verizon in my area is 3+ bars..... I was originally looking at the Acorn MM and the Covert Special Opps and The Hco 580MM, but they all run off GSM network, and with only one bar of service in my area I doubt they work fine ..... Do they have a trail camera on the market that runs of Verizon CDMA network,.... I hope so cause I really want a couple cellular trail cameras bad!!! PLEASE LET ME KNOW IF THEY MAKE ONE>> cause im all in :)
#154373 If you have deep pockets you can buy a buckeyecam with a cellular base. It runs on Verizon's network. I believe Verizon has much higher testing and verification requirements to get a device certified for it's network. That is why most of the low end cameras use the GSM network.
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By Solo_Cam_2100
#154423 I haven't heard about the 'Drone' yet. But I have emailed back and forth with Spy Point and they will be coming out with a wireless/mms type camera in July. He did state some pretty cool features with it, but I can't really say anything until I try it myself or tests been done. As far as what the camera's wireless network will be, I'm not sure yet.