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#163029 I have been trying to get my pictures on the computer to show you. But Iam not having any luck. I did get the primos at a glance up on the computer but when I put the sandisk in the computer the light lights up next to the sandisk but I don't see anything happening. I 'am not good on the computer can some one tell me how to do this. I really want to get some pictures up to show you. thanks
By j-bo
#163034 Don't have one, so don't know the software.

Does it have a "open" or "open file" button? Or something similar to click?

You would hit "open file" then "browse" and find your card's file and insert it.

Someone that has it will be along sometime to help you out though.
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By Anthony
#163050 I should not have to support Primos software since I have a competing product but ..... :mrgreen:

Launch At a glance. It hsould have the open dialog already there. Click the "X" to close that dialog.

Next click the Import button.

Next browse to your SD card drive and folder.

Click the Add button and give it a name like "food plot #1 08-02-11".

Next click the "Import Selected Folder(s)" button.

You should then be able to play your slideshow. You have to stop the play back, click the "Flag" button to ahve the software remember a particular frame so that you can export it somewhere later on.

If you want to make a movie, you have to actually know the frame number and a range of frames by number to create the video. Kinda clunky.

You might want to give Scouting Assistant a try. It has a 15 day trial and it will import and process Primos DPS photos. Let me know if you need any help.

Does their documentation not layout this process ?
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By nylla
#163176 When I launch my At A Glance, I get an "Association Warning" because it wants to change my program associations for "Image/Jpeg". If you're getting that cancel it.

Then when you get the "Select folders with photos" screen, you have to click on the little box in the lower left corner that says "Show all drives".

Then you should be able to browse the directory tree and find your photos.

I did download and install the latest software version. If you did not, yours may work differently.
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By Anthony
#163178 Yes, But .... the open dialog will try and open the photos on your SD card which will make viewing sloooow. Best to cancel the open dialog and click the import button to first move the photos to your computer for better performance....