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By Arthurjj
Has anyone had issues with the camera not sending pictures to your cell or mail. I have the 6210 and aster formatting with camera it sends picture for about 10 hours then stops. It will still take the pictures but will not send them. I will reformat the sd card and it will send pictures again for a shot till. Any help please would be great. Or what would be the best camera with the text option be.

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By T-post

Be sure you batteries are fact, just put in new batteries to be sure.
Most MMS cameras will quit sending pics when the batteries get low, but will continue to write pics to the card.

Also, if your camera starts sending pics again every day after midnight, the problem is that you've got the maximum number of pictures per day value set too low. Here's a screen shot; it's the field labeled "Picture No/Day".

By Arthurjj

The camera is only a week old. I have 12 new batteries and have had Oldboys from Georgia on the phone to help. They went through the setup with me. Basically the same setup that I had done already. I seam to have mms issues at night. The night time temp is in the 20s. Tonight it was in the 40s and I seam to be getting pictures sent by the mms function.

Pictures set at unlimited.
SMS set at 24
Carrier as AT&T
My cell number

I do not seam to have a problem during the day time hours. Once it gets dark and cold that's when I will not get pictures sent to my phone. Could this be a bad camera. Another issue is when I test the phone to send a picture it just states the format is ok about 1 hour later but will not send a picture.

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By T-post

If you haven't tried a different set of 12 new batteries, you should. Occasionally new batteries will have one that is bad. Cold temperatures make batteries you could possibly have just barely good enough batteries to work in warm weather, but not in cold weather. I'm not sure about the Acorn, but all the other MMS cameras will quit transmitting pictures when the batteries drop below a certain level, but will continue taking pics and writing them to the SD card. When the batteries are replaced, you've got to go back into the setup procedure and switch the MMS mode back to "Instant" to get the camera to resume transmitting.

My Acorn MMS camera is several years old and will be a little different than yours. Tom at Oldboys is a good guy and should be able to get you going.

To reiterate: Try another set of 12 new batteries...there's a small chance that it's your problem.
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By Chachoze
I would also suggest using lithum batteries if this cam supports them as they are not as affected by cold temp as alkalines. Although its doesnt seem like 20~40 degress doesnt seem like thats cold enough to cause to many problems it is possible you may have one or two batts that are not performing as well as the others and as the old saying goes a battery pack is ony as god asir weakest cell....
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By code1
Any update on this issue? I have been looking at buying 1-2 of the new 2013 6010M's so am very interested in the feedback and customer service on your issue.
By Arthurjj
I have had my Ltl acorn 6210 mms for a little over 2 years. I am happy with this camera. You MUST use lithium batteries. They say you can communicate with your camera without going into the woods but I have had no luck with this option so I just turned that option off. They also say the the camera will send you a message that the batteries are getting low but that never happens either. Not a big deal for me. I just know if I go without a picture for a day or two I know it is time to change the batteries. The batteries usually last about two months and I get about 30 pictures or more a day. The camera is very sensitive on taking pictures which I am good with that. AT&T is another big problem. Very few customer reps know anything about cameras on there network. It has taken 2 years to finally to get there system setup with automatic pay with data renewal for unlimited pictures. I am looking to buy another ltl acorn camera, looking at the wide view model.

By sovasovik
hay...for the sms control you must put in the camera on master fon number your full number like (+386 70 776 ) not just 70 776 for example...turn sms on end send comand with small laters ltl60*1#aa and it must work . it works for me..
best regards. :D
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