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Now that winter is upon some of us we should see who can record the coldest temp with our ridgetec cameras. So far this year I'm only at -21 degrees celcius. But last year my summit pulled off -41c if I remember right and was still working on a 12v battery.
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By Anthony
Sorry, I couldn't resist ... :mrgreen:

Its rainy so a bit cold right now. It was over 80 two days ago. Its not Florida but pretty mild in Georgia.
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we had rain this afternoon, and it turned to a downpour this evening. pretty shocking for late November where I live. I would have shoveled the driveway and sidewalk several times already normally. this was more rain than we had all spring and summer. good news, is that should be fresh snow up high. but I won't be seeing any chilly temperatures on my cams anytime soon, if ever, this winter.
I know this isn’t what the post is about. But I will give you my cold temp record for pictures and my experience with extreme cold camming. About 6-8 years ago I had about 20 homebrew cameras out during a brutal stretch of over a week where it never got above -20F here in Wisconsin. I was running Oly d380 and Sony p32, p52, and s600’s with various control boards. The sony cameras all used a delay that only turned the camera on every hour or so for about 15 seconds to charge the flash capacitor. The Olympus cameras were always on, so always had some drain on the batteries and kept the chemicals in the batteries from freezing up and putting the cams out of action. All of the Sony cameras were out of commission when checked. Just needed the batteries warmed up. But the Olympus cameras all took pictures every day. So -25F would probably be my record with no picture showing temp to verify it. Not sure if the commercial cammeras or batteries fail to work first in cold weather. 13 is our coldest weather so far here and I have cams out. So I assume they have pictures.
In a few days that record will be challenged. Mother nature is bringing in the new year with the forecast below:

Tuesday: 01/01
-5 | -20 °F
Tuesday 10% Precip. / 0 in
Bitterly cold. A few passing clouds, otherwise generally sunny. High near -5F. Winds NW at 5 to 10 mph.
Tuesday Night 10% Precip. / 0 in
A mostly clear sky. Low around -20F. Winds WSW at 5 to 10 mph.
It wasn't suppose to get this cold last night, they were only saying -11F. Its hard to tell just how accurate the thermometer in the camera really is. My weather station bottomed out at -18 for a overnight low. But the camera is over 1/4 mile from my house back in a lower elevation.

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It's supposed to get cold here in the next few days, my friend drives truck up to the northern mines in saskatchewan and extreme cold warnings were out. It was -40 c without the windchill and his truck froze up. Several thousand dollars later and he got towed back to saskatoon. Cant wait to see what the camera shows in the next few days.
New Years eve here in southern Indiana and it's 62° F . :o

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