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Would like to say thank you to both Anthony and Steve for helping me on a SIM card issue I had with my camera. The camera itself is great....

went to set it up this morning and the issue was, it couldn't connect to the network...Contacted Ridgetec and within minutes they started working with me to troubleshoot the issue. It was determined it was with Verizon, and I assume the SIM Card was deleted from their system, Anthony and Steve worked with Verizon and the issue has been resolved successfully

Thank you to you both !!!

Camera will be out in the woods tomorrow
It truly is, how many places can you call for support and get in touch with the people who actually run the day to day operations? Rather than some call center where support simply looks up pre selected answers on a FAQ page.
Thanks for the compliment. There is a bug inside Verizon. Nothing I could do would activate your sim. I talked to Tier 3 technicians and they could not figure it out.

Of course they have an "activate" button that works. So they activated it now they will research this issue next week and try to find the bug in their system. I was on the phone with them for about 4 hours straight.... :mrgreen:

I am glad its working now.
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