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By reaperman
The small deer has noticeable "buttons" plus he's sporting his winter coat already. I hope this doesnt mean another nasty winter ahead.
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By Anthony
I was noticing yesterday that some of my fawns still have a few remnants of spots while other have lost them. also their heads are losing that baby proportion and getting a more adult proportion.

I guess you might say they are changing from cute to meat. :twisted:
By Mjn1978
Looks like they still have there round eard, i accidentally shot a yearling last year in muzzleloader, it was with another doe and i missed the big doe first shot, i quickly reloaded and seen this deer standing there and thought it looked decent size. So layed the hammer down. As i approached it i saw the round ears and was like darn. Shot the wrong one. Looked to my left and seen the mature doe standing there and just decided to not bother with her. The yearling was mighty tasty though
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