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By reaperman
The den isnt visible by camera, but since the temps have warmed up some the coons have been attracted to this den. The first video shows a coon exiting, and the second about a hour later shows it entering again. I know from other videos there are two coons together. I'm hoping their presence attracts a coyote, I have a surprise waiting for one who shows up.

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By reaperman
I believe they are using the den. They may have been holed up inside for a couple of weeks when it was pretty cold, thats common for coons to stay inside during cold snaps. Now that the temps are more moderate they are active again. This is the latest video from this evening. It looks like the one coon is crawling out. I dont know about the one in the tree since the camera didnt trip earlier. Tomorrow I'm going to put another camera there that can watch the hole from above. Plus put an external antenna on the cell camera. The signal seems stronger in this spot than it was a couple weeks ago. But its time to try out an external to boost the signal even more.


I am not familiar with that brand. However, check […]

Grey fox gives up too easy


Nice shots. Love the background on the deer.

Thanks everyone!!