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By reaperman
I didn’t get the video I was hoping for. I must have had the camera pointed incorrectly (a bit too high and to one side) as this bear came to my feeder and managed to get the bottom off and spill all of the corn out. The only video is above as the bear walking away from the feeder towards the camera. I was hoping to catch the bear in action. I really had no idea if one would come thru since they aren’t too common here. Last year a bear came thru and found the feeder after I moved the camera. This year I thought I was ready for a repeat. The second video is from this morning showing the spilled corn and the bottom piece of the feeder lying on the ground.

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By Anthony
We discussed this. The Fresnel and the PIR sensor a aligned such that the far left and far right are not in the sensing zone. The reason is since the camera trigger is fast, this helps avoid getting a lot of noses in the photos. The subject can move on into the frame a little bit.
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