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By reaperman
Ok, this wasn’t from one of my trail cameras. Rather a photo I took in Custer state park, South Dakota yesterday. We’re on a little driving vacation this week in the Black hills area. The black hills is a fantastic area with impressive beauty. The mountains here rival any I’ve seen elsewhere, with lots of wildlife viewing.

With all of the Covid craziness this year, South Dakota is a good alternative place for us to get away on our usual fall getaway.
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By reaperman
Today could be your lucky day. It’s the annual Custer park bison roundup. Where cowboys/girls roundup the 1500 or so bison to brand, medicate, do pregnancy tests, and evaluate the herds size. The excess animals, 200 or more will be auctioned off to rich website developers, ranchers, or whoever has the deepest pockets.
By picdic
i did a trip down through the states when i was young. all of south dakota was the most memorable, by far.

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