This is the place to share all the cool pictures & movies you get from your trail cameras. In other words, if it's not a picture or movie related to a camera problem, it goes here. If it is a picture or movie related to a camera problem, please post it in the appropriate manufacturer forum.
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Here I am after expertly applying product all day checking on my 466.


darn Nan as crotchety as you are I figured you to be approaching 80 and come to find out you still got a lot of miles left in them legs.

Here is one of me from last year checking a Bushnell 119547 and yes Nan I am one of those "knuckle dragging hunters" you speak so fondly of. :lol:


Have a great weekend.

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By Ol Arky
caught.JPG (1.37 MiB) Viewed 2281 times
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By Iowabucks
I've been on these forums for awhile, just haven't posted much in the last year or two.

Been getting some good scrape pictures lately in SE Iowa. Will post them up when I get a chance.
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