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By Mike8623
Got a question.
I live in the middle of no-where in Montana away from everyone. I have some orions set out quite aways from my house. I have a antenna set up by my garage (which receives the signal from the cameras) with a cable going into my garage to the pc base of the orions. The cable then goes up a shelf where I have a old computer set up to receive the signal from the pc base. Once the computer receives the signal from the pc base it wirelessly sends the pictures via my home wifi system and the computers email program to my other computers I have on the buckeye email list.

My question is can I get rid of the computer in the garage. Is there some way to have the signal from the pc base sent to a wireless router and the router turning it into a wireless signal so my other computers in the home can receive the pictures thru the wifi system. Or any thoughts here on how to get rid of the computer in the garage.
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