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By spike2
when trying to login to create another account for entering photos, it is still saying cant log in. try again. it seems most newbies have a problem with this. there must be some trick im not seeing. it seems that there could be an easier way which in my opinion would help the site,,,thanks
By Guest
hey anthony whats up. i use same password ,same user name & it says cant log in try again. thanks
By spike2
hey anthony thanks for responding,,, i attempted to register again to photo gal. it told me error & someone had already registered with that same e-mail. im afraid if i use another user name or email the photos wont be with my original name. i dont really have any new cam picks to share anyway, but i would like to put the small picture with my profile,,maybe of me with the buck i took last yr. im proud of him.thanks again! anthony ,does the new xtreme 3 have a sleep mode like the g.s 200?
By spike2
well, once again i have tried to register into photo gallery to submit pics. & it has failed. which is probly the reason u cant locate spike2 in there. that has been the problem the whole time. i became a member dec. 31, 06 its telling me i have 8 posts & it also says that i have a profile. its at least telling me that i am half a member. if you have done all that you can do to help me than i guess i wont be a part of that section. i have done all that has been suggested, so i have done my part. thanks anthony & roscoe.
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By Anthony
Mr Spike2,
Not only was I able to successfully register as a user named "spike2" in the CG Photo Gallery, but I uploaded an image just to be sure I could.

You can visit your Chasingame Personal Photo Gallery here:


Here is the image I uploaded as a test into your gallery: (just to prove it is working)


Now, Spike2, if you would like to "login" as yourself using the user "spike2" and the password I supplied, please email me and I will tell you what your password is.

I cant explain your problem but it may be a PEBCAK style issue, but I am not really sure. Let me know via email. I am sorry you had this trouble.

After you send me an email I will reply with your password. Then you can login and upload your own images, just follow the instructions Roscoe placed in the sticky. AFter you are in you need to change your email address as I used a bogus one.

If you have trouble from this point on, just let me know and I can delete the spike2 account off the gallery and you can try one of the alternatives that may be more suitable for you.
By spike2
thanks for being so patient with me, im not real computer oriented,,, im a better deer hunter for sure hehehe. its possible it could even be my pc. there are alot of variables on these things. i dont know how u guys keep it all straight,, i will try what u suggested,,thanks again anthony & roscoe i really do like this site!
By spike2
i think the image fits the situation,, my nose looks like the one laying down hehehe

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