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By Durango
I prepared a PM and sent it. Yet it remains in my Outbox. When I click on this PM in my Outbox it says that it was indeed sent (and it gives the date/time it was sent). But yet it never appears in my listing of Sent PM's.

What am I doing wrong? I never had this problem before when sending PM's. Thanks.
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By RR_Security
I know what you mean; I thought something was messed up, the first time I noticed that. But I think the PM stays in the Outbox until "picked up" by the recipient.
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By Chachoze
Doin nothing wrong, it will stay there until the person you sent it to actually reads it the it will disappear from the outbox, that way you know the person got the message.
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By Durango
Thanks to everyone for the prompt replies. I guess I never paid attention before.........I always thought when I sent it, it would immediately appear in my Sent folder (like normal email does). But this way does make sense as a means of tellng when the PM is read.
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By Cutter
Some members may also have there profile settings set so they want receive pm's.

If that is the case then your pm will never leave the outbox for that reason.

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