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By jaldreyv
Sorry, it´s my first forum.
How can I attach images to my posts?
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By Anthony
WE do not directly support uploading of images here on Chasingame. Use one of the free or paid photo hosting sites, then in a message here, post the link (url) to that photo on the other site.

When you are composing a message, you can also "embed" the image so readers can see it without clicking the url.

You do this by using your mouse, highlighting the url, then clicking the "Img" button, which will surround the url with bbcode telling the forum to display the image.

Keep in mind we have display image maximums which are 1024x1024 pixels.

Good sites to use are Eyesinthewoods.com, PhotoBucket, etc....

So to reiterate:
1 - join photobucket
2 - upload your photo(s) to photobucket (remember to create folders and keep things organized in photobucket)
3 - move you mouse over the thumbnail in photobuck and click in the box to the right side of IMG CODE. (This will "copy" the url & bbcodes into the clipboard, so no need to click the Img button yet again)
4 - compose a new message, right click and choose "paste"
5 - submit your message and the photo should show up.

By the way, how is the weather there in Spain ? :D
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By jaldreyv
I try it now.

The weather here is colder than we wish. It´s not time for spanish sun.

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