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By mikeinkaty
It waits a long time then comes back with "Server not responding". This has gradually been getting worse over the last 2 weeks. Now it appears to not get a connection at all or the pages are missing lots of stuff.

I downloaded the latest IOS (8.1.1) to my Iphone5 and that didn't help any. Also did a hard reboot. This all only started about 1 month ago. Before that it was fast as greased lightening. Come to think of it, it may have started when I went from IOS 7 to IOS 8.

Mike (on my desktop which is working good as usual)
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By NantucketShedHunter
This is why I refuse to update my iPhone.
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By mikeinkaty
Mike is this anywhere/anytime on your iPhone?

Don't think I've tried CG elsewhere?

This morning it's working fine. ???

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By mikeinkaty
I'll turn off wifi and try it. Mike
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By mikeinkaty
Dang, it was almost instanteous using LTE.

I have two wifi here. One with Uverse and one on my Linksys router. The uverse one has a stronger signal. I'll try that one too.
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By mikeinkaty
Apparently the problem is only when using wifi on my linksys router. Working fine when using Uverse wifi or AT&T LTE. But all other stuff on my iPhone works fine when using Linksys. ???? Mike
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