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By Cutter
Ran across this package tracking website today! It gives alot more details on your shipping that the standard sites do!

Just select the shipper and enter your tracking number! 8)

Though this might be useful to you guys!
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By slay
Putt and chip his arse outta here. He is on at least 3 other threads here with identical posts. A spammer.
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By C.A.M.O.
Roscoe must be sleeping late. :mrgreen: David

I think it's Roscoe fooling around, trying to fool Anthony............Ha Ha! :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

Rick! :roll: :roll:
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By C.A.M.O.
Now that's funny, :mrgreen: good job Ross, Anthony said he is giving you a raise now, so hang on lol.... :roll: :roll:

Rick! :D :D
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