Chasingame will showcase cameras by creating slideshows of various cameras for both stills and video modes. Members are encouraged to do the same. Enjoy!
I have created a screen saver (per someone's request) using all the photos submitted this year. It has no audio as that made it get even larger. As it is, the installer is 77MB in size. So if you have dial up, be prepared to wait a LONG time. :mrgreen:

The following link is the installer for the slideshow screen saver. This is for Windows ONLY. download the following file and run it. It will install the screen saver into your computer and set it as the current screen saver. Under the configuration there are many options to control the speed of the slides and effects, etc...

I hope you like this.

click here to download the installer:

Please respond to this thread if you have any issues with this. This is my first screen saver. :D

Or if you would rather just watch a "slides only" presentation that does not install as a screen saver choose this link:

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