Chasingame will showcase cameras by creating slideshows of various cameras for both stills and video modes. Members are encouraged to do the same. Enjoy!
Now that is some awesome footage.really enjoyed the animals.What do you have your camera mounted to?
Extremly enjoyed the Blues music and the girls shakin some tail feather. :mrgreen:
Funny, I wanted to be turned on by the ladies in the night but couldnt from laughing too hard !!
Glad you enjoyed the clips, I normally hire a 4x4 & a tent & go get lost in the bush for a couple of weeks.
Over the years i have got to know the owners of this camp & I was invited to spend Christmas there.
The fun "Ladies of the night" were part of a Zimbabwean family who were guests at the camp!
A really fun group from Granny down to the youngest.
The two ladies in question were Aunty & 13 year old niece!!!
I knew they had done something, posting the video is my way of having the last laugh!

It was good to get away from a gimme gimme gimme type Christmas & to avoid an invasion of privacy I told everyone where the cameras were.

Elephants in camp were a permanent problem, they move so quietly & disappear easily into the bush.
As well as the leopard we had Lions one day & a Rhino another unfortunately neither came onto the main track, although I do have video of the lions out side my platform!

The sand enabled me to check spore each day which led to a lot of adjustment to the cameras as there were a number of smaller animals that passed through that did not trigger the cams.
the temperatures were really high, in the nineties, even the storm on Christmas day failed to cool the air.
The cams were strapped to trees/bushes but due to the hard wood there was very little movement except for the Ellie that jogged the cam & moved it.

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I love those. great shots!