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I have not been on the forum for a while,but had some good results from my two cams out in a remote location last week.

I captured large wild pigs,(a first!),a large female fox,and a large goanna eating a dead calves head.But the cracker footage was this
big male dingo,I've captured him 5 or 6 times on cam before,and have being trying to trap him for five months.I finally got him trapped in
a MB 650 IL/OL trap,he weighed 17KG approx 35 pounds.I set a trail cam not far from trap,watching over a small female dingo carcass.

The dog cam along a checked out the dead female,before heading along a vehicle track,and picking up scent near trap.Took along time to get him,but this cam footage is real bonus (and so was the $100 bounty)

link here
Good to see he got caught and paid the ultimate price. Congrats

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