Chasingame will showcase cameras by creating slideshows of various cameras for both stills and video modes. Members are encouraged to do the same. Enjoy!
Thanks, Here is Part 2
He's getting a little cocky. I think its time to bring him down to earth(literally) :mrgreen:

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By Chug
Just think of all those coons in the city, how this could be the new cheap stay at the home movies. Well, okay city coons are too chunky to climb.

Dang that is funny, watching.. that dang Coon is adapting to your tricks.. KY jelly to the least one pvc pipe at mid point...

keep them coming.. good clean fun.
I showed these to my wife and she said that it was mean but, When I looked back at her later and she couldn't breath from laughing so hard I think she is ok with it now. She asked me why you had done this and I told her after we watched it, because it's funny as hell. She agreed.

That is awesome, please keep them coming. If I lived closer to where I could put my cameras I would do this too.
They have to get in shape or I ship them out :wink:
Only 1 apple gone today. Added 3' "rollers" to the conduit made with 1 &1/4" pvc pipe.
Wonder how they will overcome this?
I think this is a newbe. Can't stretch as far and much more of a temper! Must be a female :lol: Sorry Ladies.
Part 3

No animals were harmed in the making of this! :roll:
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