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By cwensk
Recent update!
Things have been really wet here in Swampeast MO. We built our pens too low and lost our 1st and 2nd generation to flooding. We raised up the breeding and storage pens on stilts and seem to be having better luck now.
We have 2 up and coming young bucks "Big BOB" and "Skyhigh" they are doing a bang-up job of producing quality offspring.
Not gonna get my hopes up too high, seems there is aways something that interferes with our progress. just recently we lost 2 groups of young stock to a rattlesnake.
It has always been something!
recent pics:


2nd batch of yearlings
By dhunter
Herds lookin Prosperous !
By SportsmanNH
Looks like you have all the yearlings all rounded up getting ready to hit them with the branding iron.

Do you brand them with your intials " C W " or do you brand them with " O S " for the outdoor spy ?

This could turn out to be a multi million dollar operation ! Have you considered sending Big Bob and Skyhigh
out for stud services ? :mrgreen:
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By Mjn1979
WOW....bigbob is looking good with his rack all cleaned of velvet. Good luck harvesting one of these monsters :mrgreen:
By SportsmanNH
Got lucky this year and got drawn for an antlerless tag in the NH Mo Hunt lottery. Only 10 Antlered tags and 100 antlerless tags were issued. Hundreds of thousands of hunters from all over the world put in their applications for this hunt. I was going to be very selective but this one charged and had to take the shot. Turned out to be a nice one in the top 5 percent in weight class.
Backstraps on the grill tonite ! :mrgreen:

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