Use this forum to display your favorite kill shots no matter what the prey might be. Add before and after photos of the animal off your scouting camera or bow cam, etc. if you have them and please tell us about your successful hunt. Vendor & pro staff kill shots "featuring" products need to go in the vendor forum. Thanks! :-)
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By Ol Arky
Ol'est grandson is gettin to be a pretty good turkey hunter... :mrgreen: :mrgreen: He killed this un this mornin', openin' day of the 2015 Arkansas Turkey Youth Season...


By dhunter
Dats AWESOME!! Congrats to all!!! Whoop!!!
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By johnnydeerhunter
Way to go!! congrats
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By dbaxter
Nice bird! :D Congrats to "Little Arky"! :mrgreen:

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By cwensk
Awesome! Congrats
By dhunter
Now dats what it's All about!!! Congrats!!!
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excellent video. thanks for posting.