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By cwensk
Sorry, haven't been on here in a while. I got this gobbler on the 25th of April, right before I went in for surgery on my right knee(3rd)
Pretty uneventful morning, no birds gobbling. Had 2 hens come by the blind, both bearded but I passed. Then had 2 jakes stormed by, no shots.I was getting fidgety so I popped out of blind and took a step into high-line clearing. 90 yds away was a gobbler in strut. Thankfully he had his butt to me so I scurried back into the blind, just in time to see a hen that was with him, coming along the high-line. I clucked a couple times and in she came. He was strutting back and forth across the high-line opening and to make a long story short, got into range and I shot him. He was missing a spur on 1 side, the other was almost an inch.
Double beards -10 1/4", 4 and 1/2" First double bearded bird for me. He never made a peep the whole time!
Good way to end my season, its still in, but I'm laid up for awhile.

By dhunter
Congrats! Thx 4 story!!!
By SportsmanNH
Congrats Carl ! Nice One ! :D
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By tbone303
Congrats on a fine turkey, double bearded to boot. 8)
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By dbaxter
Congrats on the gobbler & I hope you heal quickly! :D

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By Ol Arky
Good to see you around Carl. Congrats on the bird and I hope you heal up quickly.

X2 Carl... :mrgreen: :mrgreen:
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By cwensk
Thanks again! It was a fun (lucky) hunt!
If any one is wondering, I had to go back to STL for yet a 3rd knee surgery for same injury in 2013.
The 1st caused a Bakers cyst on the back of my knee. I've had it drained 4 times but it kept coming back and causing me discomfort. This time they repaired the knee and cut out the cyst.
Not a pleasant thing but hopefully will not come back.
I probably would be walking around like nothing happened after just the knee surgery but the long slice on the back of my knee means I have to wear a brace for 2 weeks . It keeps my leg stick straight.
Hopefully this will solve the problem.
Wife took pic 5 days after surgery when I could finally shower and put on clean dressings.
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By johnnydeerhunter
That's a heckuva slice. Hopefully you're up and running about soon.
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