Use this forum to display your favorite kill shots no matter what the prey might be. Add before and after photos of the animal off your scouting camera or bow cam, etc. if you have them and please tell us about your successful hunt. Vendor & pro staff kill shots "featuring" products need to go in the vendor forum. Thanks! :-)
Skylar who is now a beautiful 15 year old young lady has came a long way since she took her first deer when she was six years old. She shot this buck at roughly 10 yards yesterday. He has 14 points, 17 inches inside, had perfectly matched drop tines but both were broken off. A lung shot with a Muzzy 100 grain on a $5.00 Wal Mart Carbon Express did the job. He ran off about 40 yards and stood a few minutes and then laid down. I would like some opinions on score, we are thinking 135-140, we think he is at least 5 1/2 years old. She is a very happy young lady that has grown up, and is strong enough to use her compound bow. She has put in a lot of hours practicing with her compound bow that a generous forum member, from another hunting forum gave her a couple years ago and she is very prolific with it. I put a new sight on it for her Thursday and she hadn't had the time to sight it back in, so she took her crossbow, good bye potential Pope and Young. but we are happy. Her buck had a swollen neck, hocks stinking, never saw him on several game cameras in the area. She is full of confidence, she wants to wait for a bigger buck to do a head and shoulder mount. She wants a European mount on this one.

Hey Grandpa , open up that dusty wallet of yours and get a shoulder mount done for Skylar ! LOL
That is a beautiful buck worthy of that.
Congrats to Skylar !

I can see future as a host on her own hunting show !
Like SportsmanNH it's time for a good shoulder mount... :D :D

Congrats to Skylar and grandpaw as well.. Looking forward to a lot more in the future... :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

And yes Skylar is and has been a beautiful young lady... :mrgreen: :mrgreen:
SMOKIN!!! Congrats!

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I love those. great shots!