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By Ol Arky
Back from the deer camp after the 2015 youth hunt... Weekend started out with lots of rain and a few wet heads... So we let the kids sleep in Sat morning along with the old folks... :mrgreen: :mrgreen: I think the old folks that got wet Friday was the ones that decided to sleep in... :D :D

Rain end about 1 PM so out the the stands we go... #2 grand son killed a doe and I didn't get any pictures of it since it was so late when they found her in the big thicket... So 1 deer down... :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

Sunday morning was clear and cool... Ol' Arky was not feel very good and had to stay at the cabin but all the kids ended up with either their mom or dad and headed out... I was setting inside the cabin drinking coffee after they headed out to their stands and about 6:55 AM I get a text my oldest son... My oldest son had his youngest son with him.. The little guy killed a doe last years youth hunt.. The text from My son said "1 bloody face coming up"... :D :D Ol' Arky family tradition is to bloody the face of the hunter that hunts with us and kills his/her 1st buck... So I had to figure that #5 grand son had him a buck down... In Arkansas an hard bone buck is legal for youth... I text back and ask if he was down and what he was... Son text back "4,5 or 6 point. I didn't get a good look at him I was to busy trying to get him ready to shoot".. I think dad was more excited than son.. :D :D

About 7:45 AM I get this text...


A small 4 point...

More to come... :mrgreen: :mrgreen:
By speed2spare
Nothing better then hunting with the kids.

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