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By johnnydeerhunter
Got out on New Years day and headed to a stand I haven't hunted from this year. I had put some corn out about a week ago and there's a small plot there (very small). Luke wasn't feeling that great and had a wrestling tournament the next day so he decided to stay home. My plan was to walk to my stand and if the corn looked like it had been getting eaten I would climb the tree, if not I would walk back up to Luke's blind and hunt there. I got to my stand and the corn didn't look very different from a week ago, there was one small track there so I decided to stay. Was not much happening until the last 15 minutes of legal light. Three doe came running down the hill. A small doe ran right to the corn, second doe of average size followed her up but was a little edgy. The third and largest doe stopped to eat in the plot for a while. Eventually all three made it to the corn and just as I was getting ready to draw and shoot my wife texted me, apparently I forgot to turn off my ringer and with the engine rev text tone things got interesting in a hurry. The large doe turned to leave and I figured it was now or never. I drew and let the arrow fly, she ran up the hill and started heading into the woods but decided to make a sharp right hand turn and ran out into the middle of the field and fell over. Below are a couple of the after pics and the one with the blue arrow is the pic from my stand with the arrow pointing to the doe laying in the field. She weighed 110 pounds all gutted out.

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By Ol Arky
Good deal John... :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

Some fine eating there... :D :D

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