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Hi all.
I've got a lot going on In my life right now, sorry I haven't been on here much.
Well, to make a short story long....The first 2 days of the firearms season we didn't see a single deer until Sunday evening when we had 5-7 does run up the hill and across the hi-line without giving us a shot.
Monday I was in the stand by myself and had a yearling come in early to lick the mineral block.
Later 7 does ran across the hi-line and my only shot was thru some brush. I passed as I had elected to hunt with my new AR-15 and figured the 62gr bullet would just blow up on the limbs.
Approx 20 mins later 4 more does came up hill along fence line behind me, from downwind, so those didn't give me a clear shot either.
At lunch I decided to head back to town and grab my .270. I had handloaded some 140gr Barnes TSX loads and felt that they would be the ticket if I was to get the chance again.
That evening I didn't see anything.
Woke up Tuesday morning to a bright Super Moon, sure didn't need a flashlight to walk to stand.
At 6:25 I thought I saw something move and looked across the hi-line and saw a large butt of a deer heading away from me. I hit my grunt call several times and waited. The deer had disappeared behind a group of cedars so I got my gun up and pointed on the other side of them, just in case.
Finally he came out and trotted along the opposite side of the hi-line. I only had 1 small shooting lane and as he got to it I bleated at him. I recognized his rack as the buck I had decided to target this season. I had several pics and video of him.
He passed up my shooting lane and stopped behind some brush. I cranked up the scope and saw a small hole to shoot thru. I squeezed the trigger and he stood there momently and then ran off.
I gave it about 30 mins and climbed down and went to look for blood. I was getting texts from a buddy hunting on the other side of the property. He asked if I shot , I said yes. He asked if it was the buck in the video or a doe. Told him it was the buck, he wanted to help recover it. I went back to the house and waited for him to get there.
We went back and blood-trailed him 40 yds to where he piled up.
Best buck with a gun so far! Green scored him at 133", 19 1/2" inside spread.



Got the call today from the taxidermist that my 2016 buck was finally done.

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By Mjn1979
Great buck Carl. Can't wait to see the mount finished

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