Post your favorite game recipes here. Include preparations like sausage, etc. Include any photos of the process if you have them ;) Enjoy !
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By Roscoe
Made one of my favorite & easy wild game meals tonight.

I started with a whole fresh pork backstrap. You could substitute venison. Either is quite good.

Slice the loin across to 1/2" thickness. Thin like this guarantees when the outside is done, the inside is done. :mrgreen:
Season with salt, pepper, & garlic powder on one side.
Lightly tenderize with meat hammer.(This cut is already tender, but I think the hammer "sets" the season nicely & the meat is even more tender)
Turn over slices, season, and apply the hammer again. :mrgreen:

Use an egg per cup of milk to dip the slices in before battering.

I like to use cracker crumbs for my "batter." A couple of of sleeves of saltines will do it unless you are cooking alot. Crush them as fine as you like.

Dip the slices in the egg mixture and then the cracker crumbs. Set aside.
After the first run thru with all slices, repeat for each one. You won't get too much crust on the slices.

Heat about a .25" of olive oil in a fry pan to medium, medium-high heat. I like olive oil because it's stands up to the frying well without scorching, even if you have a fair amount of slices to do.

Fry to golden brown on each side. The crispness & the flavor of the crackers is a nice addition.
Serve with your favorite gravy(us Texans prefer white),biscuits, and mashed taters.....and something healthy if your mama is coming over for dinner. :mrgreen:
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