Post your favorite game recipes here. Include preparations like sausage, etc. Include any photos of the process if you have them ;) Enjoy !
By encore
you can use either steak or backstraps, slice about a 1/4 in. thick, pound them with a meat mallet trying to keep them a little longer than they are wide. finely dice up some onions and peppers(hot if you like), season the meat with onion salt, garlic salt, and black pepper. cut up some bacon a little longer than the meat, put some diced onoions and peppers on the meat, lay a strip of bacon on top and starting at one end roll it up and push a toothpick through it to hold it together. fry up a few pieces of bacon to get a little fat in the pan. fry the roll ups until they get a little brown on both sides,pour out any remaining grease, if you like, then mix up a can of mushroom soup with a can and a half of water and pour over the top,put lid on fry pan and put in 350 deg. oven, for a couple of hours, turning the meat halfway through, you can remove the lid and let the soup thicken a little, sometimes it starts to thicken before hand , so just add alittle water as needed. it can also be put in slow cooker with the soup after it's browned. don't be swallowing the toothpicks!!!!!Image
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By Ambrose
I really enjoy cooking and eating venison.
• A Little Butter for Sautéing
• Seasoned Flour (with Salt and Pepper, maybe a little garlic if you like)
• 1 Large Vadalia Onion.
• 1 Large Package of Fresh Mushrooms ( in the produce section)
• Venison Steaks (enough for the family - I suggest nine or ten)
• Toothpicks
• Good Chef Kitchen Hammer
Roll you venison steaks in the seasoned flour. Flour both sides.

Pound out the steaks so they are flat with your little "good chef" kitchen hammer. Pound out both sides while adding more seasoned flour.

Dice up your onions and mushrooms.

Mix them together in a bowl.

Roll your diced onions and mushrooms up in the flattened venison steaks. Roll them out the long way.
Skewer them with the toothpicks.

Cut the Roll ups in bite size pieces. Each bite sized piece should have a toothpick. this hold them together.

Sauté the venison roll-ups in a pan in butter, or if you wish vegetable oil. Be careful not to overcook. Turn them during sautéing, browning all sides.

Transfer the roll ups to a casserole dish and keep bake them in a preheated oven at 350* for no more than 30 minutes.

Serve them with mashed potatoes and gray, and a salad, your family will love them .
By SportsmanNH
Ok now that yoyu guys have me STARVED and DROOLING im taking some venison steaks out of the freezer to try this . Sounds Yummy !

Im definately going to try Pic-n-Sticks roast recipe that is wrapped in bacon too one of these days . Just looking at his tenderloin roast has my mouth watering . It is a " work Of Art " LOL


started with a fresh (aged 1 week) tenderloin from a 1.5 year-old doe. Cut it in half so you have 2 pieces the same length. Then butterflied both halfs to give 2 thin wide slabs. I marinaded them in Jack Daniels Steakhouse that comes in the zipseal bags for an hour or so. I laid them out, heated 1.5 ounces of bacon drippings (I always keep some in the fridge) and spread it on. Then it was rolled up, both halfs togather, wrapped in Hickory smoked bacon and tightly tied with roast twine. Into the oven uncovered at 325 until the internal temp was 140. I also basted it with the drippings a couple times. After 10 minutes rest time, we were in for a real treat! WOW! Fantastic! Picture included for Anthony! Anyone's mouth watering, yet?
By encore
can't believe your stealing my thunder! :shock: going to have to include pics. next time i make it. :lol:
By SportsmanNH
That picture has you DROOLING dont it ! :lol:

I have my venison steaks out defrosting now to try your rollups tonite ! :mrgreen:
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By wolvenkinde
now I'm gonna hafta start raisin hogs to supply all the bacon I'll need to try out all these recipes along with the ones I got already for goose and turkey and waterchesnuts...cripes I'll break the bank buyin' all that at the store :mrgreen:
By Ghostman
WOW, if you don't have a hunting camp chef you guys need to be! Yuuuummmmmmmmmmy!!

Excellent hunger elliminators!
By Sopchoppy
For Christmas dinner, I smoked 2 tenderloins, 2 backstraps, and 2 free range chickens. Used Zick's Venison Seasoning on the deer and a "secret" rub on the chickens. I use hickory and pecan wood and smoke for 2 hours @120-150 then roll each piece in HD aluminum foil and put back in the smoker for 4 hours. Wrapping in foil is the key to tender venison. When I uncovered the venison and picked up with my tongs, it fell apart as does the chicken. Unbelievable flavor.
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