Post your favorite game recipes here. Include preparations like sausage, etc. Include any photos of the process if you have them ;) Enjoy !
By encore
don't know what everyone else does with the necks, but i remember way back when , i cooked a neck roast and the wife me and kids started to eat it, only til the tallow started to clog up are throats when it started to cool down. so now itake the whole neck and put it in my big roaster along with some spices and water, nothing in particular just to give the house a good smell, after it cooks for many hours in the oven and it starts to come away from the bone i take it out and start getting all the meat off. leave all the meat in the roaster and toss the bones. the meat will look alot like pulled pork, put more water in the roaster so the meat is completely covered, then put on stove and bring to almost a boil. then set out in the cold , i put it in the garage,it's got to be cold outside, i usually do it in the winter. once it cools down the tallow will solidify on top the water and can be removed, collect all the meat and dump the water. clean roaster and put meat back in along with whatever spices you like , diced onions, peppers, ect.. then add your favorite style barbecue sauce and simmer until onions and peppers are done.serve on buns. i bag mine up and vacumn seal it and freeze for later. takes some time but worth it!! you'll be surprised at how much meat is on the neck.
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By Bluesman
I use the neck meat to make my Mince Meat Pies.That or slice 2 inches thick on an angle for roast.Or grind into burger.Yes there is a lot of meat on the neck.I will also cook the neck bone along with all the other bones and grind the cooked meat and mix back in the broth and make Scrapple.
Gotta try your recipe with the bacon.Never heard of that one.Thanks,David
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