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By rgilley
I just recently processed 31 pounds of venison jerky that yielded 14 pounds of dried jerky using the same recipe I have used for years.. Everyone that tried it loves it so I thought I would share it.

I am giving the ingredients for 10 pounds of venison. Proportion it to the amount of meat you are fixing, not a lot of ingredients so its easy to adapt to suit your needs.

I do whole muscle jerky so I don't know how it would taste on ground jerky.

Two days prior to dehydrating put your venison in a pan. Cover it entirely with soy sauce and a bottle of Louisiana hot sauce or Texas Pete Hot Sauce.

Make sure the liquid completely covers the meat, you may want to stir the meat to make sure its entirely covered.. I add two tablespoons of Morton's Tender Quik or cure per 10 pounds of meat. I then grind up two table spoons of black pepper, and I put the pepper along with one tablespoon of garlic power in the marinade.

All of this is added to the soy sauce and hot sauce and mixed up well . If you are going to refrigerate your jerky just put in two tablespoons of Kosher Salt instead of the cure or Mortons.

The next day, I take it out and arrange it on jerky trays. I then take a bottle of SWEET BABY RAYS original bbq sauce and mix it in a second bowl along with a half cup of vegetable oil.

After stirring this up I take a cheap new paintbrush or brush it liberally on the surface of the meat. In 6 hours I turn the meat and reapply the Sweet Baby Rays on that side.

Every time you flip it reapply the Sweet Baby Rays. I take the jerky off when the slightest hint of moisture (Sweet Baby Rays) is left on the meat.

I like mine spicy so I shake some red pepper flakes on the meat after I apply the Sweet Baby Rays.
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