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By bowhtr1
Check out the light output and adjustments.
This is the best firmware update so far. I have mine set to take only pictures at night and 20 sec videos with picture during the day and batteries are holding up good. I have noticed very little motion blur and flash is definitely brighter.
Does anyone have an idea on when the next " New and Improved " version of the XR6 is coming out? ( XR7 ? )
I like the night video quality but am still struggling with the price.

I don't see them ever having any at a cheaper price.
By Mac-
It's just hard to get a XR6 when you could get three 119777 for the same $$.
But after my last 678 I swore off Bushnell forever. So that's out. :D

You guys certainly seem to like the XR6 and the night videos look great for a black flash .

I'll probably have a couple of pops one of these nights and hit the buy button. :shocked:


Thanks everyone!!

hahaha. Yes, that is a rather high reserve.... Wh[…]

Very nice photos, and stunning scenery.

A Perfect Example!