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I am not sure of the cameras advantages. Not the best pics or video. Not the fastest trigger. Nice to have HDMI and stereo audio. Video length not adjustable. Is the reliability the key issue? For the price you could get 2-3 cameras that excel in different parts of the specs with change left over. Maybe it is too obvious for me to see. Reliability is a huge plus
The problems with all cameras is that you seldom get one that can do it all! I've owned a couple of Reconyx cameras and while they aren't immune to problems, the company stands up for their product with which I believe is the best customer support in the industry! I personally wouldn't be interested in a white flash camera, but to each their own. You might want to look at their new Hyperfire 2 which is about to be released. I don't consider Reconyx cameras throwaways as I do the majority of the others.
I shoot video almost exclusively. I have 6 of the XR6 cameras and when I found a WR6 at a considerable discount I could not resist. It's a good camera, the white flash is adjustable so it comes on gradually or all at once. That may or may not help with spooking wildlife who are not used to lights. Mine is setup near some some yardlights and so far the animals are indifferent to it. Would I buy another one ? Probably not, I'm happy with the black flash of the XR6 for security reasons.

I would agree that it's tough to find one camera that does everything you want it to. I'm curious what you are comparing the WR6 to that you say it's not the best video. It's 1080p at 30 fps . Perhaps 60 fps would be a little better quality but the file size would be much larger.

I would also agree that Reconyx customer service is tops, should you need it. This Fall I had to return two new XR6 cameras due to noise in the audio track. No questions, and turnaround was quick. In 2012 I purchased 12 new Bushnell Trophy Cam HD trail cameras. Two are still working. I bought my first Reconyx in 2014 and it hasn't missed a lick. If money was no object I would have all Reconyx. I like my Bushnell E2 cameras: the 720 video is great and the detection zone is wide and deep, but reliability is an issue. 4 out of 21 new cams have developed noise in the audio track when shooting videos. But I realize the risks and keep buying the less expensive cameras to supplement the Reconyx because more cameras equals more chances to catch the footage you are hoping for. But be assured I put Reconyx in the best locations. I've wanted to try some of the Browning cameras, and especially some home-brew models, but I've spent my limit for the time being. Good luck in your search.
Great response. Exactly what I was looking for.
The video quality does not seem as good as some of the videos I have seen on this site for less expensive cameras but still not a deal breaker. I have not had the number of cameras you have to note the reliability. The few that I have had have failed to some degree and I assumed it was just my "luck".

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