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By zaj56
Is there any way to turn off the time/date stamp on the HC 600?
By Matches
Just scrolled through the settings on one of mine and didn't see a way to turn it off.

When I get home later, I can check the manual, but I'm not sure I remember anything that references that...

I am curious though as to why you'd want to turn it off?
By zaj56
Thanks for checking.. I actually called and talked to Joe at Reconyx and he informed me that it can’t be turned off😫 He said only the more expensive pro cameras has this option. I really would rather not have that info on the pics as it sometimes covers stuff up and that info can be found on the properties of the individual pictures if I would want it. I use mostly homebrew cameras and this is the first camera .. commercial or homebrew... that I have owned that doesn’t give me the option to turn it off.
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