Please post threads related to camera comparisons and head to head testing that you are doing here.
By badfisherman
#142181 Got my new Spypoint back from the crew last week and decided to put it out against my Moultrie D55ir. THis is over my my back yard feeding area. Cams were deployed at 318pm Tuesday and retrieved at about 7pm tonight. Settings were 1 pic, 1 minute delay.
Moultrie= 375

Happy with these results. Surprised a little I expected similar but flip flopped. Was actually a little surprised at that many pics in such a short time. Night pics Spypoint runs away with. Day is pretty much a wash in my opinion. Will post some pic examples later.
By badfisherman
#142228 After reviewing the pics again this morn and I had to recheck the Moultrie. The setting was actually 3 shot burst. So, that would mean the totals were

Moultrie 125
Spypoint 354

Cant wait to get my Little Acorn tomorrow and see how it does against the Spypoint!!