Please post threads related to camera comparisons and head to head testing that you are doing here.
Well I figure I have the time and the cams so why not :D . I have both cams mounted here at the house where I can control the testing better and installed new tested AA batteries in each unit and day time of each cams is matched within 1 minute. I set both cams to 10 seconds delay between pics and settings should reflect 10 hours a day active time.I plan to track the number of pictures each system takes before the batteries die and compare the pictures at low and bright light levels. I also plan to review each day and compare the software for ease of playback as the software is a very important part of how the system works as a whole.
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Sounds like an interesting matchup, looking forward to the results.
Great idea, will be watching this thread!
First Update: The Plot Stalker ran out of battery life yesterday 4861 pictures taken over two days now I have to wait for the Day6 Plot Watcher to run out of battery. I don't expect that to happen until next week sometime for past experience. One tip I will give form using time lapse cams the past few months is you shouldn't use how many days the cams run for a true battery life meter. It's the total number of pictures taken because picture delay settings will really determine the run time. If I set this same plot stalker to a 1 or 5 minute delay it will run weeks on AA's to hit that 5000 picture number vs just a few days with the 10 second setting. You can also really extend battery life by sleeping these cams a few hours a day during the afternoon when game activitly is very low. Anyway so far I can see its a good thing I bought power cords and 12vt battery as I like 10-30 second delay.
I can't speak for everyone but I do perfer the 5 and 10 second delay settings myself because I like to view the footage in a near video like format. With the shorter delay settings I can see where a deer enters the field,the route he travels accross the field,what he does in the field, and last where he leaves. With a 1 minute or more setting I would just have a deer standing there middle of the field first pic next picture he is gone???? To me that is really not gainig alot of info other than that deer passed through once. I set a plot watcher up on a feeder for about a month with 30 second delay since the animals hangout longer at that spot and I could get 2 weeks run time using 6-8 hours a day active time and was pretty pleased with the footage I had. The 1 minute delay would be the max setting I ever used maybe for something like watching a stock pond for trespassers,a camp site, barn for Security but for game you would miss alot of action. also you are right 1.5 to 2 days looks to be about max you would get from my testing using the 10 second delay. Alittle extra info I used a MAX Flash class 6 SDHC card and brand new tested "commerical branded Ultra Pro AA Rayovac Alkaline" in the Moultrie Plot Stalker.I used a sandisk 8GB USB in the plotstalker same batteries. These are the AA's batteries I use 90% of the time I buy them in by the #500 for savings. Maybe a Duracell AA could provide a few more pics I am not sure but I wouldn't expect anything more than 10% plus or minus. I am going to go out on a limb and say most all the trail cams out there that offer a time lapse feature right now will be in the same boat as the Plot Stalker maybe 5-10 thousand pics per set of batteries without running external power of some sort. That really limits how true time lapse camera should be used in my mind. I am not thrilled about the 7-10 day battery life I get will my perfered settings I use on the Plot Watcher but when you look at the competition in time lapse cams out there right now no one else is even close to that. I think I had somewhere around 25,000+ pictures on my last plotwatcher USB I pulled from the farm two weeks ago and batteries still had some power left. I am also very interested to see just how many pics the Plot Watcher will take in this test as I normally don't pay alot of mind to picture count when viewing all the footage.
I like to run the cams first 4 hours of day light followed by 3-4 hours sleep mode and then run till dark(3-5 hours depending on season) when the camera shuts off do to low light levels . I have noticed deer move alittle better in the mornings into daylight hours9,10am sometimes while the evenings I don't start getting alot of activity till that last 1.5 hours before dark.
nice info.............I agree that the plotwatcher still seems the best overall time lapse cam, I was getting 10 days from my plotwatcher with 10sec delay and running 3hrs in the morning and about 3 hrs in the evening.............I updated it with the new firmware a week or so ago but have not put it back out yet........if I get 14 days from my Rayovacs I'll be happy

I pay $15 for 50 Rayovacs at walmart.....that's 30 cents that rate it only cost me 60 cents a week to run my plotwatcher if it last 14 days.....................that is cheap to me

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