Please post threads related to camera comparisons and head to head testing that you are doing here.
The plot watcher batteries went dead this morning I added up 34,572 pictures on the set of batteries and around 11 days run time. I viewed the media from both units using the included software and will give you my thoughts. First, The plot Watcher has more more battery life with AA's I think every one can see that and I have found the footage at dusk/dawn is better with the plot watcher. The Plot Stalker good daylight images are better to me higher MP you get alittle more zoom out of them before the pixel out. Viewing the images with software at first I thought the software was about the same because it looks the same control wise. That said the Day6 software is just better its faster to view through the images and just seems to be more eye pleaseing to use. The moultrie it's bad its just not as good overall. Overall I like both units but have to give the edge to the day 6 plot watcher its better AA battery life makes a huge difference and software helps out on viewing images. For anyone planning on buying the moultrie and running anything less than a 1 minute delay between pics you will need to add a 12vt battery to your system I have already set mine up that way to get better run time afield. I forgot to add on cloudy days the plot stalker images were much darker than the plot watcher its no doubt the plot stalker does not do as good in lower light conditions.
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I have the day6, have had no problems with battery life length. My problem I do have is the zoom feature which is pretty much useless. Also the motion search catches everything including clouds,every leaf motion, and sunlight, so unless the animal is right in front of the camera, I sometimes will miss a picture using the 5 or 10 second mode unless I really take the time and go through the pictures slowly on 1x speed. I used the 4x speed to view and actually missed a whole human in one frame,
Yep when the motion search is working like it should it saves you a ton of time reviewing. I find on a week of average video I can use the search mode about half of it. It it was a super windy week you can forget about the search mode and just use 2-3X speed that is as fast as I can watch the video. The moultrie has 8x speed listed but it seems mucher slower than the plot watcher 3X. After weeks of using the moultrie plot stalker I am getting less and less impressed with it. The main issue I have is the moultrie software is way slower to review the pictures vs the Day6 plot watcher I can't stand to review alot of footage with it at one time. Also the day6 plot watcher is proving to to way better at low lights and this includes cloudy days also. The moultire unit does zoom better when you using the higher MP settings but a side affect is the higher I have the MP set on the moultrie plot stalker the worse it does at low light levels so its a trade off. I had the Moultrie Plot Stalker set to fine 8mp setting and on one cloudy/rainy day the images were almost dark at 11am.
I have tried the M80 alittle in plot watcher mode but not alot since I have been using my M80X's on summer time salt licks. The old model plot watcher still out performs the M80 in timelapse mode battery life and overall performace. The plot watcher software is alittle better/faster for reviewing if you use the two and can see the difference that said the moultrie software isn't horrible and does to the task for reviewing. I like the SD cards on the M80 vs USB drive mainly because I already have so many SD cards. Overall the Day6 Plot Stalker was designed groundup as a time lapse camera so its best at that feature. The M80X new 2011 bushnell trail/hybrid cams I own all do a pretty good job at time lapse plus work as a trail camera but overall Timelapse performance is alittle less being a jack of all trades. Still one neat feature on the Moultrie is the hybrid mode where it acts as a time lapse and a PIR trail camera at the same time. A guy could also use a external battery on the M80 to extend battery life in time lapse. I have a new Plot Watcher Pro model haven't had a chance to review it maybe later this evening.
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