Please post threads related to camera comparisons and head to head testing that you are doing here.
I am an ASDA Mobile user. Can i use this cellular at my ASDA connection?

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Wikipedia says ASDA Mobile is an MVNO, meaning they don't have their own network. They operate on Vodaphone's network, and it looks like Vodaphone uses GSM/GPRS, so the cam should work with a SIM from ASDA in it. To be sure, check with the people who work wherever you'd go to buy a SIM card. (They might know, or the question might confuse them as badly as it does a lot of cellular phone company employees in the U.S.)

I am very interested to get this cellular camera. So, please tell me something about it.
If you check the subject line, the original post in this thread was asking which of four different brands is the "best." They're basically the same in that they all use a SIM card and can only operate on a GSM/GPRS cellular network. (Many carriers "on this side of the pond" use CDMA technology, which won't work.) Assuming you have a good cellular signal and everything's set up properly, the cam should send photos (still images only; no videos [yet]) to your cell phone and/or email address.
Beyond that, they all have features (and quirks) that lead different users to prefer a certain brand.

Image Look up "DLC Covert Special Ops," "Ltl Acorn 5210MM" (or Ltl6210), "ScoutGuard 580M," and "Uovision UM562," on this forum and elsewhere on the 'Net. Also check the reviews at the links below. There are a few other brands on the market, but this should get you started.


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