Please post threads related to camera comparisons and head to head testing that you are doing here.
By tntractor
I got my UM562 up and running about a week ago. I'm overall very pleased with it, getting lots of pics from a fairly remote area on my farm. I'm so excited I'm probably going to get a second camera. The only drawback I've experienced so far with the UM562 is the flash. The game seem to shy away in the night time pics. This has led me to seriously consider the Code Black camera with the black flash. It looks fairly similar to the UM562 except for the lack of audio with video which I'm not really using anyway right now. Would those who are experienced with these cameras be able to tell me if I should anticipate same general experience, picture, cellular reliability, etc with the bonus of the black flash?
Thanks! Look forward to your responses.
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By shenriver_man
The Code Black and UM562 are the same camera. The only difference is one is red glow and one is black flash. Also the UM562 doesn't have video with sound that's a typo. I was bummed when I found out mine didn't have sound. :( The Code Black is a great cam and mine works very well. I also really like the HCO Panda which is new for 2013.
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By T-post
I love my Code Black.....As Ryan said it's the black flash version of what you have now. The Code Black has 2 different flash choices (high and low), I keep mine on low flash and it does great! :D
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By RR_Security
If you use security cases for your cams, just be aware of some minor differences in the way the cams' plastic cases are made. The Code Black (UM565) is slightly deeper front-to-back than the UM562. When my UM562 was out for repairs, I was going to put my Code Black in the Custom1 security case where the UM562 had been, but I couldn't get the door on the security case closed.

I don't know if those little "cheeks" on either side of the PIR on the Code Black will narrow its detection zone at all. My original UM562 was kinda annoyin' about starting to snap pics before whatever triggered it was in front of the lens. I put some tape over the side edges of the PIR, which some other CG members have done and had good results, but I didn't get to refine that setup before the cam developed other problems and had to go back to HCO for repairs.
The Code Black did seem a little better about getting the subject in all three pics of a three-shot burst, but the two cams were set up in very different locations.

Before I go trudgin' through the snow to put the new UM562 back in the security case, this might be a good time to put both cams on the ol' Stic-N-Pic® stand and compare their detection zones and flash range.
By phade
I giggle like a school girl getting quality pics from my Code Black. Even my wife tells me that.

The BF has made me do a 180 on cams...I'm ditching all of my red IR cams except my SG370 (CA series for all intensive purposes) since it is so small and useful for keeping in a pack to set on sign in-season. I'll also keep one G4 solely for using it over scrapes on video and sound.

Other than that, I'm going on a fire sale soon in prep for buying a fleet of BF cams, and potentially another Code Black. I thought the setup was easy as can be. I certainly had to spend about an hour watching the setup video and going through the motions, but it was never challenging.
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