Please post threads related to camera comparisons and head to head testing that you are doing here.
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By robnj
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they all look good


X3, what camera is the hc300 :?:
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X3, what camera is the hc300 

suntek hc300 ... UTF8&psc=1
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By robnj
How does that one do in the dark?

ill drop it down the woods tomorrow with some bait to see. im dying to get down there and see if i got a coyote on video and some turkey pics on my covert on my new spots.
dont know what happen to this cam . i either shut it off before i left or its broke. i was going to leave it in the woods and went to wipe the lens and the glass pushed in :roll: ill work on it when i get more time and try again. it did take one nice video of me walking :lol: one of those days in the woods :( my little acorn was full of water and had no sd card in it. another senial moment i guess :? .

I have 4 BTC 5HDX and 2 of the 4 would not power w[…]

Lets find George


I’m bummed

It happens.

Four Badgers