Please post threads related to camera comparisons and head to head testing that you are doing here.
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By Mjn1979

the recovery time on the Moultrie is 2.6 or so and the recovery on the Covert is 7 or 8 seconds. I know those might vary but I was reading that on the Trailcampro website they have it posted up.

TCP lists the red 40 as a 5 second recovery, but that's the 2012 I believe. One point I'd like to make is I agree the 12MP is a larger file to write and it could also be influenced by the card's write speed, were they both the same card or class? Good test and both performed well, but I like the richness of the Covert pics myself.

Same card and same class. Sandisk class 4 . And I am sure it did take a few extra seconds to write the 12 mp pics. I did end up testing the next day on 3 pic burst with both cams on 5 second delay, 8 mp and the moultrie only triggered 23 more times.
I may have missed it in this thread but I have to ask... When running both cameras on Video of 20 seconds or more, did the cameras suddenly produce varying shorter video lengths? I and a few others are reporting having this issue on the Red 40. I bought two and both act the same.

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By Mjn1979
Not yet. They both took the correct video times as what they were set for.
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By bobcat
Nice comparison. Thanks for your work........:)

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