Please post threads related to camera comparisons and head to head testing that you are doing here.
By catman
I set my 576c and M-990i on the same tree for a week. I put the Bushnell on bottom about 1.5 ft up and the Moultrie just above it but pointed down slightly to get the same view. The cams were set on the highest resolution photos, 3 shot burst (regular burst on the 990i) with 5 second delays. Same eneloop batteries and same class 10 SD cards. The trail was pretty tight in the cedars so these results would be different in a wide open area with a feeder. This also took out any real assessment of flash range.

The results:

576c = 180 pics, 4 blank trigger events
M-990i = 75 pics, 2 blank triggers

The Bushnell gathered most of the extra photos by capturing a lot of smaller animals (squirrels, birds, mice). It also triggered 4 more times from a bobcat that hung around in front of the cameras. The 576c captured 1 more deer total than the 990i although they both missed one the other got. The 990i captured an opossum and some raccoons that the Bushnell missed.

Overall the daytime Bushnell photos look better to me - more natural color (Moultrie looks slightly more pixelated and sort of purplish?). This was in thick woods with some light coming through. The overall sensing seems better on the Bushnell but not by as much as the photo # would indicate.

990i - I like the view screen, only needing 8 batteries, the fact that it doesn't beep at me when I set it :evil: and the fact that it cost $50 less

576c - I like the photo quality, sensing (a bit better IMO), battery life, and 2-year warranty.

I am happy with the trigger speed and sensing of both cams for my trial sets.
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By slay
The smaller amount of pics from the 990I is a consequence of having a cam that reduces false triggers.
I myself would rather miss the smaller stuff, but I do know that slow moving animals do not create enough of a heat signature for the 990I to keep taking pics. I imagine it will do much better in the cooler temps of fall and winter.

I also feel that you disadvantaged the 990I by placing it higher than the Bushnell. It will not get the smaller animals unless it is mounted closer to the ground. Any false triggers you got were likely animals just to the side or below the sensor on the 990I. The FOV is a tad smaller than the sensor range.

I have never used the Bushnell, so I cant attest to it's performance.
By catman
I agree with you Slay in that the bottom cameras in these tests typically sense a bit better. I had the 990i out the week before and had a good number of pics where the 990i was sensing rabbits, etc that were just below the field of view (other than the ears or head). Because this I put it right on top (within an inch) of the Bushnell pointed down just a bit.

For a proper comparison I should switch the cameras and leave them for another week. Then post the sum of the results. Looks like I will have to head back out with the cameras darn it :lol:
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By stick33
I can attest to the exceptional sensing on the 576 in regards to small critters. It doesn't miss much, that's for sure. Thanks for posting your findings!

Thanks everyone!!

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