Please post threads related to camera comparisons and head to head testing that you are doing here.
Recently we did some comparative tests with the camera we had on hand.there are a lot of things that don't understand.

Test conditions: in the afternoon, sun, the visibility is good
Camera Models:
Bushnell 119636( 850nm LED) ,
Spypoint BF-6,
Cabelas CAB2.1 ,
Scoutguard 560K ,
Loreda L510 ,
Loreda L360,
Ltl Acorn 6210

Price ranking: Spypoint BF-6, ,Ltl Acorn 6210, Cabelas CAB2.1 ,Scoutguard 560K ,Loreda L510 ,Bushnell 119636 , Loreda L360,

1.Each camera's image color is different.
2.Each Camera continuous reaction time is very different.
3.Length of working time of infrared light.(Bushnell 850 Led Exposure time is particularly large)
4.Some manufacturers menu setting method is basically the same.(ex: Loreda ,Ltl Acorn ,Cabelas, Scoutguard...)

The rest of the test content.(include PIR distance,Flash Range,False Trigger,Battery Life, WaterProof...)

Please look at the following scene contrast:
I've been very very lucky with my cheap Chinese trail cameras. Some of them are still working fine after 5 years!
A lot of difference in the amount of brightness and contrast. First time I have heard of the Loreda cam.

Thanks everyone!!

hahaha. Yes, that is a rather high reserve.... Wh[…]

Very nice photos, and stunning scenery.

A Perfect Example!