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By bwana_don
Anyone with experience replacing internal batteries on the Primos Ultras?

In my bear hunting group we have 5 Primos cameras we use for bear hunting.
1. Ultra 35 – no longer keeping time, purchased 2 years ago, not used in two years
2. Ultra 35 – no longer keeping time, purchased 2 years ago, not used in two years
3. Ultra 55 – no longer keeping time and killing batteries in 2 – 3 days, not used in two years
4. Ultra 55 – working as it should, but it was replaced 2 years ago and not used until this year after the first one was returned because it was not working.
5. Ultra 48 hd working as it should, purchased this year before we knew about the problems above.

I have talked to Primos knowing the cameras were out of warranty, they said the internal battery can go bad if it is not used periodically. I asked if they could tell me what type of battery the internal battery was in these cameras, I would have purchased a few and brought the equipment needed to make field repairs. They did not know, but would try to find out, I have not heard from them.

Given that the internal battery is recharged by the set of 8 AAs or and external battery and is used to power the clock. Once it has gone bad the cameras can still take pictures, just no date and time. I consider this a poor design. I have located the internal battery and can replace it by unsoldering it from the board and putting in a new one – either re-solder or with pig tails to make it easier the next time. Because that battery is taking a charge – I cannot bypass it and use the external battery power, I cannot use a non-rechargeable battery (easier to find), it could start a fire taking a charge.

Sadly, I have to wonder if this is intentional on the part of Primos. Is it built in obsolescence? The date and time is so easy to set on these cameras it could easily be powered by the main batteries like my old Cuddyback Noflash.

Any thoughts or advice appreciated.

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